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FOX News
Jul 21, 2011 2:00am EDT
i'm eric bolling, alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. we have a lot to talk about tonight. leadership skills, either you have them or you don't. or if you ask bill clinton for a little help. the president getting much-needed advice from 42. there is a heat wave sweeping the nation, but two feisty congress people firing up the house floor. plus, for all the parents out there, would you complain about the local playground being too safe? all of this and much more. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: a live shot of the white house there. change over. first democratic leadership was meeting with the president at 5:00. said that republicans john boehner and eric cantor are going to meet and switch in the hallway, pass in the hallway thumbs up or thumbs down. spend time meeting behind closed doors. >> greg: a lot happening in that shot. i think i saw a squirrel move along. >> andrea: it's very symbolic, in washington, d.c. >> eric: the point is what is going on in the white house, bob? >> bob: it's very interesting. before -- >> eric: you're
FOX News
Jul 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
five." i'm andrea tantaros alongside monica crowley, eric bolling, bob becket, greg gutfeld. we have a packed show. theyethey are categorizing terrorist against america. plus, another legal blow for john edwards. the fallen politician owes millions to the federal government. and, environmental hysteria over david and victoria beckham's newborn daughter. you won't believe why. all that and much more. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: let's get to the top story. west versus schultz. start with the e-mail that started it all. congressman west sent an e-mail to wasserman schults based op comment she is made on the house floor about cutting benefit for medicare recipients in the district. take a listen to the e-mail. he said to her you are the most vile unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives. if you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face. otherwise, shut the heck up. this sparked a war of words unlike we've ever seen before. monica, "jeopardier" discrimination or does allen west have a point? >> c'mon, debbie wasse
FOX News
Jul 18, 2011 2:00pm PDT
, alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino and greg gutfeld. so much to talk about today. as america barrels toward economic disaster. republicans offering machete like cuts to spending. meanwhile, the democrats, scalpel, getting dull. we break it all down. and union scare tactics going way beyond inflatable rodents. the seiu thug manual revealed. and jane fonda dumped by qvc, but the liberal left princess isn't taking it sitting down. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: all right. story sparkingout rage today from the liberal left. herman cain saying folks should have the right to stop a mosque being built in their town. listen to this. >> let's go back to the fundamental issue that the people are saying they are objecting to. they are objecting to the fact that islam is both a religion and a set of laws, shariah law. that is the difference between any one of our other traditional religions where it's just about religious purposes. the people in the community know best. i happen to side with the people in the community. >> eric: all right, guys. we all agree that muslims h
FOX News
Jul 15, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling. alongside kimberly guilfoyle, bob becket, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. a lot to get to today, starting with political correctness, getting shoved down your kid's throats. guess what? you're paying for it. big stimulus bucks on diversity manuals, public schools in nebraska and wait until you hear what is in them. a new california law requiring schools to teach gay history. plus, get the chips ready and the beers on ice. it looks like we'll have a football season after all. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: did you hear? president obama says you're okay with them raising your taxes. >> this is not an issue of salesmanship to the american people. the american people are sold. >> eric: i don't ever recall saying go ahead and raise my taxes, mr. president. but obama is the one who says he is -- what did he say? add extra hundreds of thousands of dollars. raise his taxes. don't raise our taxes. >> bob: you and he are in the same income range. what he was talking about was the american people are sold when the polls show that they say shoul
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. welcome to "the five." i'm eric bolling, alongside kimberly guilfoyle, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. we have a lot of ground to cover today. like a brand new gallup poll showing that more than a third of americans think president obama along with congress are doing the worst job they have seen in their lifetime when it comes to dealing with the nation's problems. our right to bear arms is protected in the constitution. one democrat congressman is thankful for that. plus, story that really shocked all of us, registered sex offender, granted custody of his young daughter. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: you know, being a hardcore conservative, i could easily just come out and bash obama for all his economic failures. instead, let's let steve wynn, a democrat and casino mogul talk obamanomics. >> i'm afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the united states. i'm saying it bluntly that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime. well, this is obama's deal. it's obama that is respons
FOX News
Jul 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: a new york court paveed the way for the ground zero mosque to be built at the world trade center site in lower manhattan. we all know this project has seen major push-back from families of 9/11 victims, because they feel the mosque lies on sacred ground. who can blame them? there are bone fragments from 3,000 innocent people there. there is really no question that the ground zero mosque is, in fact, a victory mosque. a victory by al-qaeda over the american innocence. we woke up that september 1112 -- september 12 realizing there are forces of evil willing to go further than we imagined to kill us. somehow one of the biggest lessons to come out of the tragedy is how tolerant we have to be of those who hate us. so now ground-breaking is set to begin but listen to whey found out from a group of construction workers when i asked them if they would work on the mosque. >> i agree with the constitution. they have a right to build it whenever they want. they can build it her
FOX News
Jul 13, 2011 5:00pm EDT
coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino and greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: so he did go there. president obama scared grandparents across the nation when he told them they might not get their social security checks next month michigan friend rush limbaugh said the president was up to funny business. take a look. >> if i didn't know better i'd say the white house gave scott pelling a script. this is an outrage here. this is not true. this is, my god it's the playbook. hold senior citizens and military personnel hostage. not just social security checks. it's veterans checks. it's right out of the playbook. >> eric: obama should have known the seniors could won't to get their money even if the debt talks break down, unless you turn to put a green energy project in front of the america senior citizens in the who gets paid line. by the way, mr. obama failed to point out that the social security trust fund as $2.6 trillion fund ready for grandma and grandpa. bob, what is wi
FOX News
Jul 29, 2011 2:00pm PDT
, paying off bond interest on reagan's bills. >> bob, they want to raise the debt -- by the way, if all you wanted to do was pay off prior spending, raise it $200 or $300 billion. walk away. >> if you look at obama's spending projections for obama care, all this other stuff he's proposed, yes, he needs that debt ceiling raised so he can spend it on everything he's proposed already. look, i think this is has been so bad for this president. i thought he displayed a lack of leadership before this, but i will say this is epic. >> you guys have got go back to civic classes. you don't get it. the debt is to pay for past spending by congresses. >> then pay it off and stop. >> there's no rule, bob, that says you can pay stuff off first and then spend later. don't have to be tied together. can i just say something? i happen to agree with the democrats, when i keep hearing about the debt ceiling, that i feel we're held hostage year. >> you look upset. >> you're always held hostage. >> he doesn't learn. >> that was a cue to the producers to run a package. >> oh, boy. >> oh, was that what that that . >
Jul 15, 2011 5:45pm PDT
news organizations do during presidential elections by commissioning its own poll, which showed bob dole trailing bill clinton by 20 points in clinton's campaign for reelection. in that first hour of the network's life, i was asked to alpine on the new poll in a panel discussion that included input from tim russert who was asked if there was any way dole could save his campaign by a selection of a running mate. >> well, the only one is colin powell, he's not going to do it. now bob dole has krused the field to governor of ohio, pennsylvania, former secretary of state, jim baker. but none of those candidates will give bob dole an immediate pop in the polls. bob dole is going to have to win the race on his own, lay out an agenda, a rational. he has to convince the country that he has a reason to be president other than it's just his turn. >> all right, a former congressional aide to mornahan. what's your take on all this? >> well, it is surprising to see dole losing republican support, no particular reason for that in the last three weeks, but tim's earlier point of this being a snaps
Jul 22, 2011 12:00pm EDT
could set a record, tim williams is in the out back and bob turk is in the first warning weather center. >>> it won't get worse than yesterday. yes, it will get worse and hotter. here it is, just around the noon hour, coming in at 97. ocean city is at 98 degrees. the cooler spot, oakland this afternoon at 82 degrees. look at the dew point at 77- degrees with the combination temperature of 97. it feels like 113 degrees. 116 in elkton and also, 119th degrees, real feel in ocean city and only 87 in oakland. now, since yesterday, at the same time, we're now 5 degrees highier than we were at the same time yesterday. it's worse than yesterday. ocean city, look at that, they're up 16 degrees from yesterday at this same time. now, tim is out back with a look at the warnings in effect for the region. >> reporter: well, the warnings are 5:00 -- excessive. we have the heat index up into the 100s. they're going to create the heat warning and we have a code red air quality alert for much of the area. as far as the temperature for today, we could be challenging a record. we have a record today of 101
FOX News
Jul 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. wait. wasn't this guy supposed to be dead more than two years ago? he gets around more than bob beckle. plus, a cross being displayed at the 9/11 memorial. is this the right battle to choose for my godless friends? and congress needs help fixing this debt crisis. there's one man who's offering his own advice. >> we're going to default if we follow the road. >> i'm officially embarrassed for america. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> he had your hair, bob. the debt showdown continues. we're waiting with bated breath to see how this will may out. i just want it to end. it's killing me. right now it seems to me that everyone involved is trying to blame everyone else and pass the buck, or kick the can, if you will. >> there's no point in putting the economy at risk by kicking the can further down the road. >> we're kicking the can down the road. >> this is just kicking the can down the road. >> let's kick the can down the road. >> if we don't do that, we're kick the can down the road. >> looks like we may be kicking can down the road. >> it's a form of kicking the can down the road. >> i
FOX News
Jul 21, 2011 11:00pm PDT
about the debt. >> bob, you you have said on the program that the cake is already baked and they have a deal. why are though torturing us with the political theater and torturing greg gutfeld? >> did you fall out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? calm down. >> why? >> because you are yelling at me. >> oh, poor bob. >> he also chews males for breakfast. >> no, i don't. i chew other things for breakfast. >> what is going on? >> what is going on is that part of the reason that they have democrats coming down in the meeting this afternoon is they are running into some resistance among democrats on real cuts in the social security and medicare which include changes in the inflation on social security and maybe even the age. the other thing is on the house side cantor has now broken ranks with the tea party people. they are trying to count heads and they have two problems. the far left of the democratic party are not willing to go along with the entitlement and the far right tea party people. >> you love that. >> are not willing to go along with the tax piece of it. in the end they
Jul 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
warning weather coverage. meteorologist birp det woods and bob turk have more! we have extreme southern portions. eastern shore now, pretty heavy activity. denton over toward fredericksburg. mostly to delaware now. and one strong cell, near great mills and patuxent naval air station. that's moving away from the region. down to about salisbury. heading to ocean city. there are still some more showers across northern portions and central portions of pennsylvania. so it's possible that we may still see some additional showers. but the bulk of the strain, as can you see, has moved on across the region. bernadette in the outback. a lot cooler. with a look at the current advisories in effect. bernadette? >> as bob just said, there are still just a couple. but most have been canceled. here's a look at the wrap-up we have going on at this hour. and you can see most of this is on the eastern shore. all of the flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings have been canceled. now, as far as temperatures go, it really has cooled us down. take a look at the numbers around the region. 75 is w
Jul 22, 2011 5:30pm PDT
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight, i'm bob schieffer. well, there are two big stories in the news tonight, that explosion in oslo, and in washington late developments in the argument over how to find a way to cut the federal budget and raise the debt ceiling. we're going to begin with that story tonight. republican house speaker john boehner now says he is done negotiating with the president and will try to deal directly with senate leaders. within minutes after saying that the president came to the white house briefing room to say boehner was taking the wrong tack. >> i was willing to take a lot of heat from my party and i spoke to democratic leaders yesterday, and although they didn't sign off on a plan, they were willing to engage in serious negotiations, despite a lot of heat from a lot of interest groups around the country, in order to make sure that we actually dealt with this problem. >> schieffer: the president went on to say that speaker boehner would not return his phone call and he asked congressional leaders from b
FOX News
Jul 28, 2011 2:00pm PDT
obama economics, bob, which has failed. >> before we get started -- >> oh, no! >> -- i have in honor of my friend, greg, i've gotten you all this t-shirt i have, which says i love the debt debate. here you go, greg. debt ceiling debate. whatever. >> bob, i will wear this when i go to bed and think of you. my nightshirt. >> i got you one. here you go. >> you can't put them on yet. okay, good. >> bob you have yours on, but clearly that's kimberly's size you're wearing. >> yeah. >> i'm not going to say anything, because i just got the -- never mind. >> you have a target for grover motherquist. norquist. >> this bill wouldn't be on the floor if boehner didn't have the votes. he's got them. he didn't as of last night until the most conservative republican caucus, the staff director -- this is really the tea party group -- sends out a blast email all over washington saying get in touch with your member and defeat the boehner plan. this is the speaker of their own party. that all of a sudden started -- they wanted to fire this guy, teller. they should. here's what will happen, it will pass
Jul 11, 2011 11:00pm EDT
straight over to bob turk where he is tracking the storm, bob -- >> reporter: amazing how this thing rolled together. take a look at this radar loop on the strong stuff started to the west of us. moved right through the city, all through central maryland, today a warning briefly issued for the alberdine area. still have some advisories going on in maryland but it'll be over about midnight. we still have tomorrow, an air quality alert. poor air quality, and in the afternoon also from noon until 8:00 a heat advisory. so how long will these temperatures last? i'll have more in the forecast. >>> as you mentioned before those storms rolled through we were sweating it out in some extreme heat. the temperature approached triple digits today and it's going to be even hotter tomorrow. two people have already died in the city this summer from hot weather. again bob will take a closer look at those temperatures in about 10 minutes. >>> new at 11:00, a howard county climbing coach accused of performing sex acts with a young girl. donny montegue met the girl at earth tricks. he was a coach there but do
Jul 27, 2011 7:00pm EDT
credit card. and we start with anthony mason. anthony. >> reporter: bob, america's credit rating has never fallen below triple a., but with washington looking increasingly disfunctional, economists now see the threat of a downgrade as high and rising. >> do you honestly believe that the united states could default on its debt? >> reporter: in washington today, the head of standard & poors, told congress his rating agency is worried about more than just raising the debt ceiling. >> to me the more important issue is really the long-term growth rate of the debt. >> reporter: now at more than $14 trillion and rising, u.s. debt as a percentage of g.d.p. reasonings fifth highest in the world. even if a deal emerged to raise the debt ceiling, it pay not be enough for the ratings agencys. is there still a risk the u.s. credit may get downgraded anyway? >> well, it looks like that. >> reporter: but larry kantor, chief of research at barclay's capital, believes the world will still want to invest in the u.s. > even if they downgraded, people still believe the u.s. will pay its debts. >> report
Jul 28, 2011 5:30pm PDT
with bob schieffer. >> caption colorado, llc >> schieffer: tonight, the debt vote in jeopardy. in-fighting among republicans puts house speaker john boehner's plan on hold. so what happens next? we'll talk to senator john mccain. how the debt debate affects homeowners. dean reynolds tells us why mortgage rates could skyrocket for millions. a new terror plot against fort hood. bob orr reports a american-born muslim soldier was arrested and admits he was planning an attack. ben tracy on why the cameras that catch you running a red light created a mess in one major city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight. i'm bob schieffer. well, republican speaker john boehner's plan to end the debt crisis in grave doubt tonight. conservatives in his own party turned against it and the vote had to be postponed. the house spent most of the afternoon debating the speaker's plan, but just a while ago when it became obvious the votes were not there to pass the measure, the vote was postponed
Jul 22, 2011 4:00am EDT
. and then there's bob mcdonald. bob mcdonald has had a wobbly takeoff as a national republican figure. just days after he was inaugurated as virginia's governor, the republican national party put his m fourth as their face of the party. standing before diverse virginians to give the party's response to the president's state of the union address. watch. >> good evening, i'm bob mcdonald. 11 days ago i was honored to be sworn in as the 71st governor of virginia. >> looks presidential, right? and for a glorious few day, he was the party's answer to barack obama. he was for a few days in january of 2010 the next generation of the gop. the launch as i say was a bit wobbly. it had emerged during bob mcdonald's campaign for governor that says in his late 30s he got a degree at pat roberts' university. and he said that public policy should be used to help god crack down on things that god does not like, things like homosexuals and fornicators. i'm quoting there about the fornicators. it's not me describing people that are fornicators. i wouldn't say that. that's what bob mcdonald said. see, it says righ
Jul 3, 2011 8:30am PDT
correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. welcome to "face the nation" on this fourth of july weekend. governor patrick is in rockport, massachusetts. ohio governor john kasich is in richmond, massachusetts. republican governor scott walker joins us from his state capital in madison, and los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa is out at the aspen ideas festival in aspen, colorado. i want to thank all of you for being with us on this holiday weekend. governor kasich, i'm going to start with you. you were a part of that foursome two weeks ago, along with the president, speaker boehner, vice president biden. people thought that get- together, that bipartisan foursome might begin a sign of cooling off here in washington. but it seems to me that things are worse than ever. what do you think has happened? did somebody get mad at somebody out on the golf course? >> i think it's too early to conclude that, bob. look, i mean, the purpose is to get republicans and democrats together in washington. i was there when we did it. i was one
Jul 24, 2011 8:30am PDT
chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again. we start with white house chief of staff bill daley. mr. daley, the republican speaker john boehner now seems to be thinking of a two-part plan here. first, congress would agree to cut spending over the next ten years by a trillion dollars and raise the debt limit enough to meet the country's financial obligations through the end of the year. then, a 12-person bipartisan committee would be formed to find $3 trillion more in savings and making significant cuts in medicare and social security and overhauling the tax code. congress would then take another vote to raise the debt limit before the 2012 elections. democrats and the white house have already said there will be no short-term increase. you said that yourself. but speaker boehner just now appeared on fox news sunday and said it had to be two stages. here's what he said. >> there is going to be a two- stage process. it's not physically possible to do all of this in one step. having said that... chris, i know the pre
Jul 28, 2011 6:30pm EDT
terror plot against fort hood. bob orr reports a american-born muslim soldier was arrested and admits he was planning an attack. ben tracy on why the cameras that catch you running a red light created a mess in one major city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight. i'm bob schieffer. well, republican speaker john boehner's plan to end the debt crisis in grave doubt tonight. conservatives in his own party turned against it and the vote had to be postponed. the house spent most of the afternoon debating the speaker's plan, but just a while ago when it became obvious the votes were not there to pass the measure, the vote was postponed and the house took up legislation to name post offices around the country. nancy cordes is at the capitol tonight. nancy, i don't know what to ask you now except what happens next. >> reporter: well, bob, this just shows the perils for either party trying to go it alone without compromising here. speaker boehner does not have any democratic support for this bill, so that me
Jul 29, 2011 6:00pm EDT
inside this weekend? bob turk has a look at your forecast from the first warning weekend. >>> normal high is only 87. and believe it or not, it's dropped down to 100 right now. but we do have a record that we want to show you this afternoon. a little while ago, we got up to 101. a brand-new record on this day. the previous record was back in 1954, it was 99 degrees. take a look at our computer real quick. we still have an advisory for that heat, until 9:00 tonight for the entire region. severe thunderstorm watch across portions of pennsylvania. last report was 101. but we just dropped to 100. the dew point has also dropped down to 63, by the way. computer hasn't quite updated. but we're still looking at a heat index. heat index over 100. but last week, you might remember, a heat index was 117, as the dew point was in the 77 range. there you see the records. 101, the old record, way back in 1954. 99 degrees. now, we do have some relief coming our way. we'll tell you about that later this evening. >> all right, thank you, bob. stay with wjz throughout the day, with on air and online coverag
Jul 21, 2011 12:00pm EDT
for us? meteorologist tim williams is in the outback. first, let's go to bob turk. >>> we're talking about temperatures getting up to near record highs. we're looking at temperatures starting to update. we were at 92 a few hours ago. 84 in ocean city. 92 at bwi-marshall. 92 in columbia. 90 in rock hall. 87, some of the coolest spots near the water. the heat index where it's 92 is 105. factor in the dew points, 110 in elkton and 110 in easton. patuxent river with a heat index of 100. right now it's warmer than this time yesterday. we're looking at temperatures seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. yesterday we were in the mid to upper 80s. today we're in the mid to low 90s. what we're dealing with, excessive heat warnings in effect for the entire area in the purple shading. that went into effect at noon and will be with us through 8:00. we have air quality code orange for the ebb en-- entire area. a heat advisory for far western maryland. that will be garrett and allegany counties. today we're forecasting a high of 100. the record 104 not likely get there. tomorrow the record
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,832 (some duplicates have been removed)